What is Interpersonal Relations definition/concept

Living in society inevitably makes us bond with others. This type of bond is known as interpersonal relationships. The concept of interpersonal relationships can be approached from two perspectives: an individual and a collective one. Interpersonal Relations

How to approach interpersonal relationships from a personal point of view

A person can be very intelligent, have several studies and high purchasing power, but not have a good relationship with others. Some experts on human behavior emphasize emotional intelligence and empathy as essential elements for satisfactory relationships with others.

In this sense, we can mention four personal attitudes to optimize interpersonal relationships. The first would be to praise the other’s intelligence as sincerity and positive spirit. Secondly, an optimistic personal attitude must be enhanced without renouncing realism. Thirdly, it is important to listen to others with interest, just as we would like to be listened to. Finally, it is recommended to promote personal expression through the tone of voice, gestures and body posture to reaffirm communication¬†once and for all . Interpersonal Relations

Interpersonal relationships from the social point of view

Sociologists study the behavior of human groups and the mechanisms of these interpersonal relationships. Thus, there are links based on hierarchy where some rule and others obey, as shown by the military forces. There are relationships based on equality, for example, relationships between neighbors or between a group of friends.

On the other hand, we must not forget that a single individual has several types of relationships in his daily life, for example, the same person treats his friends equally, has a boss who must obey and is a governing member of an association. . These differences are known as a social role, which is played in a collectivity. The individual’s role depends on a number of combined factors: gender, ethnicity, purchasing power, culture and nationality. Interpersonal Relations

Finally, it is worth noting that the concept of interpersonal relationships is eminently changeable. Decades ago, the number of people we knew with whom we interacted was quite limited, currently with social networks our ties and relationships have multiplied significantly. Social networks have changed the classic concept of interpersonal relationships, since the virtual world introduced new rules for this game between human beings. Interpersonal Relations

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