What is Internet definition/concept/elaboration

The internet is called a network spread all over the world that allows sharing resources to thousands of users. This network offers numerous services, among which the best known is the “World Wide Web”, which has the ability to view documents and content spread all over the world through a browser. Other functions are the ability to transmit messages or files. The internet had its emergence from the beginning of this millennium, but it already existed a long time ago. Over time, it gained more importance in commerce and its infrastructure grew, allowing for more and more speed in data transmission. It currently incorporates new services such as the ability to transfer live images and communication through the voice.

From an economic point of view, the development of the Internet represented a huge leap in productivity. The possibility of working at a distance, the interconnection with any part of the world, the possibility of sharing information en masse, opening up a range of opportunities that were previously closed. Adding all these possibilities, commerce found a new way of acting and with that it broke certain barriers of impediment. These circumstances took only a few years and the number of users multiplied. On the other hand, its costs began to fall, allowing its use to be achieved by almost everyone.

In addition to the economic possibilities offered, the Internet has also been configured as a form of leisure at low cost , which is increasingly expanding its horizons with greater vehemence. In fact, accessing multimedia materials such as movies, music, works of art, etc., is becoming easier. This favored a constant improvement in the technical aspect that the network showed over time. Thus, the increase in transmission speed is undoubtedly essential for data transfer and the possibility of contemplating high quality video and audio .

For the future, the expansion of the internet seems to continue its course with an increasing number of users and better services. This situation represents an increase in productivity from an economic point of view and with substantial improvements for the population.

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