What is Intensive Care definition/concept

Intensive care is a medical unit in which intensive health care is provided, aimed at providing vital support to people in critical condition .

Most hospital centers have intensive care units, known as ICUs, there are special units dedicated to the care of newborns, the so-called NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

What types of patients need intensive care?

These units receive people with serious health problems, who need the use of special equipment or devices to maintain or monitor some vital function , such as breathing .

Patients with extensive skin burns or multiple traumas, people who have just suffered a heart attack, people with serious infections with or without sepsis, neurological damage, intoxication or people in a coma state also enter.

These units also provide support in the immediate postoperative period of complex surgeries, such as brain and some abdominal surgeries, as well as orthopedic or oncologic surgeries, especially in patients with deteriorated health status. Intensive Care

What care is offered?

Patients who are under intensive care are usually kept under sedation. Many of them need to be connected to mechanical ventilation equipment, cardiac monitors, central venous pressure monitors, drug infusion pumps, total parenteral nutrition, among others.

In these units, patients have a team of highly specialized healthcare professionals who are permanently available. This allows for quick and timely diagnosis and care of certain events and complications.

What staff do you have?

There is a team of highly specialized healthcare professionals. They are critical care physicians, many of them anesthetists or internists with a specialization in critical medicine.

Other team members are the nursing staff, who are also highly qualified, as well as the physiotherapists who, in addition to the mobilizations, intervene in procedures such as respiratory physiotherapy.

These professionals work in rotating day and night shifts, allowing a continuous 24-hour service. I

What is the prognosis for a patient in intensive care?

Admission to these units is often associated with a terminal health condition. This is not quite right.

A patient who needs this kind of care will not necessarily die. On the contrary, these units provide support to maintain life until health is restored or stabilized in a certain condition; the person is hospitalized in the unit receiving medical care until he/she is discharged from the hospital.

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