What is Intelligence definition/concept

Intelligence is the ability to creatively solve problems using resources to create solutions. From this perspective, intelligence corresponds to the possibility of adding value by an individual to himself or to an inserted social group . However, the concept of intelligence has been widely debated and questioned by several currents that try to explain which is the process that has the greatest potential in this regard. Thus, the difficulty in explaining this measure of quality leads to numerous reflections.

One of the most used parameters to assess a person ‘s intelligence is called IQ. It is built on the basis of a test suite to give interpreted results. This methodwas used in turn in the year 1912, by the German psychologist William Stern, in an attempt to apply to children different intelligence tests developed by their predecessors in order to be able to make comparisons. The method was based on dividing chronological age and mental age and then multiplying it by a hundred. Currently, this method has undergone some changes, but values ​​above 100 are usually considered to be above the average, while values ​​below this number are below the average. It can be seen in current times that there is an increase in population values, a circumstance that was registered with interest by researcher James R. Flynn and that leaves a controversy behind, as there is a questioning of itself when there really is an increase in skills.

Many observations have linked the IQ results of children with those of their parents, casting doubt on whether it depends on an enabling environment or on hereditary issues. What is certain is that nowadays there are many objections to the aforementioned method. Both the Western University of Canada and the Science Museum in London have done a major study on the subject, finding that the methods followed to determine the IQ are extremely misleading in that they do not take into account the complex nature of intelligence. human, being impossible to determine with some evidence a single measure of intelligence. That’s why new trends tend to give more importance to assessments that integrate other aspects of thepersonality previously left out, such as sociability , empathy, etc.

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