What is Infographics definition/concept

The term infographics is formed by two concepts: information and graphics . The word graphy comes from the term graph that means writing or image. Thus, infographics refers to the information we have through written symbols or images.

Human beings are eminently visual and, therefore, we interpret symbols based on our perception . Thus, letters and images convey information by color and form.

The usefulness of infographics

The appearance of symbols conveys information. This reality is known to designers or marketing experts. Infographics use drawings, pictograms or illustrations to convey ideas and messages, as all these elements facilitate the understanding of information.

It can be said that infographics are a tool aimed at making information effective. For this reason, pictogram designers seek to create dynamic, attractive symbols that catch the attention of users or consumers.

Infographics are present in several areas: in the written press, advertising, posters, public information and books. Anyway, all visual information is based on techniques related to infographics.

Relevant aspects

Currently, infographics as a communication tool are made from specialized computer programs through which a professional can create a message that meets expectations.

A fundamental element is the type of font to be used, as well as its size and color. On the other hand, it is important that communication is assertive, clear and easily interpreted, especially when images that express ideas are used.

The professional who designs a strategy with infographics tools asks himself about what he really wants; what audience you want to reach and what will be the material support you will use to convey the message.

Creating a successful infographic can be critical to an institution’s image. Therefore, professionals dedicated to infographics must develop a well-defined strategy with the following ingredients: a clear idea of ​​what they want to communicate, detailed information and an adequate selection of signs and images that will be understood by users.

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