What is Inertia definition/concept/elaboration

Inertia is the ability of a body to overcome a movement. Thus, when a vehicle moves, everything inside it moves at the same speed. However, if the vehicle suddenly stops, everything in it continues to move in the direction the vehicle was initially going. This is due to inertia.

The law of inertia and Newton’s principles to explain motion

This law, also known as Newton’s first law, states that every body tends to maintain its state of rest or continuous motion, unless there is an external force that forces it to change its state. Thus, the sum of forces must be equal to 0 for a body to be in equilibrium or with constant velocity.

Newton’s first law explains the tendency of bodies to maintain their state. But, since it was not for some external object , the objects would remain at rest or else in uniform rectilinear motion. Consequently, inertia is the resistance to the change in movement presented by bodies.

With the law of inertia Newton explained some of the movements existing in the world. With the second law this scientist explained another type of movement. In this way, an object by which an unbalanced force acts will be accelerated in the direction of this force (this law is the one that explains the movement associated with the force of gravity). In a third law, Newton stated that forces always occur in equal and opposite pairs.

In human relationships there is also a phenomenon similar to inertia

When we let ourselves be carried away by events, it means that we act out of inertia. This type of attitude is considered passive and can express a lack of motivation or personality .

This type of behavior has two distinct faces. On the one hand, inertia is a good thing because it is a convenient option and no decision should be made. We imitate others, let ourselves be guided or continue doing the same thing as usual and that’s why we feel in our comfort zone . Inertia, on the other hand, has a very different reading .

Those who let themselves be carried away by this force easily enter into monotony and lack of control over their own lives. Anyway, inertia can be an ally or an enemy.

On certain occasions, actions performed through inertia have a contradictory component: we let ourselves be carried away by it and at the same time we feel bad about our behavior. Let’s think of a person who doesn’t exercise at all and eats everything he wants for many years. Over time, this person is likely to get into a dilemma: he feels comfortable with his daily routine, but deep down he would like to end it and start a new life.

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