What is Inequality definition/concept/elaboration

The company is formed by people who although they have common similarities are different. No person is equal to another, each human being is unique and exclusive. Socially speaking, there are also important differences regarding the economic factor that remarkably conditions a person’s happiness. There is a lot of social inequality caused by the economic factor, as there are also many people who are victims of poverty in an unfair way.

Whenever the term inequality is used, a relationship is established between two concepts of the same nature. That is, in order to objectively compare two objects, it is essential that they are of the same nature. Behind the concept of social inequality linked to the economic plan there is an association that unifies this inequality with injustice . In this way, there are associations and people who actively fight to defend the rights of the most favored in order to build a world based on equal opportunities. inequality

When the term inequality is used to explain a concrete personal situation, it means that the factors that influence this are not the same for two people. In this sense, these factors can determine the differences between people.

Nowadays, new technologies bring immediate information about the situation of the world through news that occupy a prominent space in the newsletters every day. This news is, in many cases, an example of how great inequalities exist in the 21st century. inequality

Two situations are unequal when there are differences between both parties, but also when there are similarities in common. The similarities establish the union, that is, it is the basis of the comparison, so that one can reflect deeply on the differences in both cases.

Social inequalities must not cause indifference, they must be a reason for social involvement to bet on changes. Inequalities can be a stimulus for action with the aim of changing this unfair reality in a responsible way.

Inequalities show that the social world is full of aspects in which each situation can only be understood in a certain context. On the other hand, there can never be two situations that are one hundred percent equal, there are always concrete aspects that can be the principle of an inequality in quantity or quality .

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