What is Industrial Psychology definition/concept

Psychology has several fields of activity. In this article we will look at what industrial psychology is. This discipline refers to the selection of personnel, the training programs in management of resources human, developing programs to boost work efficiency in an organization. The objective of this psychology practice is to carry out programs through which they promote the professional development of workers, giving special attention to productivity and thereby increasing the performance of the organization itself.

It should be noted that it had its origins after World War II, when work took on a new dimension. That is, workers not only sought economic stability with their wages, but also created an environment of happiness.

What is industrial psychology?

From this point of view, Industrial Psychology also seeks a way to link each worker with their most appropriate position and their main competences. In the work environment, there are also affective bonds. For this reason, it is very important to analyze the bonds that workers establish with their boss and also with their colleagues, since many of the organizational climate conflicts stem from a bad relationship and lack of empathy. In addition, the system can also change and evolve, as shown by the moment when a worker is promoted and plays a leading role .

Successful entrepreneurs are focused on their company’s economic performance, but they are also aware that an organization is made up of people. So there is a basic care for people. And this also haunts industrial psychology analyzing the behavior of workers in the workplace.

Socioeconomic context

Industrial psychology also attends to the factors surrounding it, as the socioeconomic context  influences the organization, as shown by the impact of an economic crisis on employees who live in fear of losing their job. Industrial psychology is based on the premise that organizations impact and influence people’s behavior.

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