What is Indemnity definition/concept/elaboration

Compensation is a financial compensation received by a person as a result of having received a loss of labor, moral, financial, etc. nature. When it comes to indemnity, it is usually done from the issuance of a court decision, which orders to pay a certain amount to a person, company or institution, in order to alleviate a situation of injustice suffered. However, there may also be automatic indemnities that are carried out when a series of circumstances provided for by law is given in advance.

A first case that we can highlight is the workers’ indemnity. This must be done when an employee is dismissed without just cause. In this context, the law establishes that the employee is paid an amount that includes the years of work in the organization and the salary for their services. There may also be compensation for labor maltreatment cases, where the employee experiences difficulties caused intentionally; in this case, when these conditions can be proved in court , a financial compensation can be obtained. Indemnity

In the case of moral damages, compensation is usually obtained after a legal process that proves these losses suffered. Once this process comes to an end, compensation is established in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in question. Deadlines for compliance are also defined and a form of payment is established. In these cases, compensation is usually made in cash.

In the case of an indemnity for a financial loss, as in the previous cases, the fact must first be concretely proved. Once proven, it is worth determining the exact financial value of the loss; for this task, it is customary to request the opinion of experts or specialists on the subject. Finally, after having an idea of ​​the dimension of the economic loss, a certain value for the indemnity is established, also according to the laws and the prevailing jurisprudence.

The use of indemnities for compensation for losses of various types and caliber is a common practice in the area of ​​justice and the labor market. Unfortunately, not all circumstances can be proved, so it is necessary to make a correct assessment of the possibility of being successful in making this type of claim.

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