What is Indecisive People definition/concept

Decision making affects every circumstance in life, from the most important (buying a new house) to the smallest issues (like choosing the color of your socks). To a greater or lesser degree, we all hesitate before deciding on one option or the other, but there are people who are indecisive in an exaggerated and even pathological way.

Your doubts when choosing something can be accompanied by anguish, stress and suffering. These people know they must follow a path, but they can’t help but feel blocked. Sometimes they choose to do nothing or want others to decide for them.

Paralysis by analysis

The paralysis of permanent analysis is related to the fear of failure . On the other hand, this type of behavior generates frustration and a permanent state of dissatisfaction. Indecisive People

People who live in a sea of ​​constant doubt believe that if they continue to assess a situation with their reflections, they will reach a point where they will see the ultimate solution with complete clarity. However, behind his doubts lies a deep distrust and a great fear of being wrong. The undecided ones end up feeling guilty and powerless, and somehow they find themselves stuck and unhappy.

Strategies to avoid indecisive behavior

It is impossible to know in advance whether a decision is correct or not, but it is convenient to assume that success implies acceptance of the possible error. In this sense, it is not worth looking for a perfect solution because everything has its pros and cons.

Do-it-or-not-do dilemmas shouldn’t be prolonged, so it’s convenient to set a time limit before making a decision. After a reasonable period of analysis , we should choose the option we think is best and try to forget about the alternative option. Indecisive People

When we feel deeply insecure when making a decision, you may want to share our doubts with a person of trust .

The doubtful individual must assess the consequences of not making a concrete decision

On many occasions, no decision is a more harmful alternative than a wrong decision.

Once we’ve made a decision, we shouldn’t look back and ask ourselves if we’ve done what’s right or not. Doubtful attitudes can be very harmful psychologically and, on the contrary, decision-making has a liberating component that favors self-esteem. Indecisive People

A first step in letting go of indecision is to analyze why we doubt and understand the source of our fears.

Improving self-confidence and mental strength is a good way to eliminate doubtful behavior .

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