What is Immortality definition/concept

Even though the human being rationally understands his inability to survive eternally and considers himself a living being who is born, grows and dies, the notion of immortality has always come into play . 

This notion has led to various discussions, works of art, ways of thinking, fantasies and dreams that have to do with the possibility of ever being able to finally live forever.

Immortality: something impossible but desirable

If we did a review of all the times the word immortality has appeared in lectures, debates, movies, stories, legends, stories, among others, this article would never end. As with more complex phenomena such as death, life after death and religions, human beings have always been interested in thinking and reflecting on their condition as a mortal, who does not live forever and has to deal with the awareness that one day your life will come to an end. Immortality

This happens with a multitude of theories, ideas and fantasies that have created universes where immortality is possible and an everyday reality . So, for example, vampires are fantasy beings whose main characteristic is immortality and their survival through the ages.

Immortality understood through religion

Most human religions refer in one way or another to the idea of ​​immortality. Not only because of this, but it gives an answer to this phenomenon and establishes some dogmas about this condition that can also be accepted by the faithful.

In this sense, religions are in a way a way of understanding or responding to the complex and unresolved elements of life, such as death, the afterlife, why we are here, what is our function or purpose in life, the what happens after death with our body and soul, how our actions throughout life can be influenced, what we will be after death, etc.

Even many religions question about immortality, establishing some possibilities to be symbolically immortal and others raise the idea of ​​being reborn in another body after death.

Connotations of the Immortality concept. Punishment or gift?

Although human beings have always reflected on the possibility of being immortal, through fantasy or utopia , and never dying or leaving this world and loved ones, an ethical and moral conflict immediately arises as to what eternal life will be like, if the body and the soul will age in the same way, which would happen if only some people were immortal and some were not, how could a person live forever and observe the great changes of the world, etc.

All these dilemmas are characteristic of phenomena as complex and interesting to the human mind as the question of life, death and immortality.

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