What is Idealism definition/concept/elaboration

When a person expresses his words, he has the inclination to raise the sweet spot of a reality or situation, including a person. It can be said that it is a reality or individual with idealism, that is, who idealizes.

Idealism basically proposes exaltation, improving everything that is appreciated, even if that reality or person does not have or gather the necessary characteristics to be elevated to this level of excellence.

In cases where idealism ends up somehow betraying the truth of a fact or a person, that is, when it is idealized to the point where it is unsure, without a doubt , this situation becomes a problem because it disappoints the person, from from the moment she discovers that what she idealized does not respond to her construction.

This situation occurs very often on a personal level, in interpersonal and affective relationships, where it is common for people to idealize a loved one or experiences lived with them 

On the other hand, when you idealize a person or an object that is not part of your circle or that is not present, it can be very difficult to get out of this situation. Let’s think of a woman who idealized her husband, even after a separation or death, it is very difficult to resume her love life because inevitably she always ends up comparing her husband with the new love and whether he looks or does the same things as the ex.

On the other hand, the idealism concept is often used to denominate a posture characterized by the defense and promotion of ideal and perfect beliefs, in this way, the person punishes himself or does not accept the other side that has to do with the reality of things and that does not is ideal.

This posture or way of thinking is common in people who popularly say that they have no feet on the ground and that they only move or manifest in function of truths based on books or theories that cannot be applied to a given reality.

And in relation to philosophy, idealism is a philosophical system that elevates ideas as the basis and principle of man’s knowledge and wisdom.

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