What is Hypothesis definition/concept

Hypothesis means an assumption concerning the behavior and appearance of the universe. It is known as speculation and needs empirical evidence to explain the uncertainty or impossibility. Hypotheses are widely used in the universe of science, in such a way that their formulation is frequent. This circumstance is fundamentally due to the same process that science has to achieve its development. In fact, the scientific method it consists precisely in the elaboration of a hypothesis and its consequent verification through experimentation. A hypothesis accepted within the scientific field is one that has been formulated in all its scope, tested by experimentation and these conditions can be reproduced by other people.

The scientific method is called deductive hypothetical. This means that a general assumption is made about the functioning of a given phenomenon that guarantees the deduction of some consequences or effects. So, for example, if it is true that water changes state according to a temperature which is found, it must be deduced that other materials may undergo the same process. Basically, the hypothetical deductive method consists in giving a global explanation of how phenomena occur and in deducing their effects; so when they do not present themselves, it means that the hypothesis is discarded. However, when they present themselves it doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, it can happen accidentally that a hypothesis is not true and its deductions actually present themselves. That’s why the scientific method never proves a hypothesis, it only contrasts. This circumstance leads to a constant finding, which tries to improve the model so that it is the most representative of reality.

Given the above, an accepted hypothesis is a hypothesis that cannot be false, although that does not mean that it is true. In fact, there are theories that serve to explain various aspects of the universe and that are deeply valid in that they are not false, but that have the particularity of being contradictory in some respect. In this sense, the scientific field works to find a theory that brings it together in a harmonious way and that serves as a basis for future research. So over time, no doubt, we will see the progress of this issue.

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