What is Hypoacusis definition/concept

Hypoacusis refers to hearing loss. The Greek prefix “hipo” means below and acusia comes from the word “okouein”, which means hearing. Hearing limitation is a problem of some seriousness, as not hearing properly affects the individual’s quality of life as a whole.

Hearing and its degrees

Hearing loss can be a conductive or sensorineural problem. In the first case, it is an alteration of the external auditory canal and the eardrum. In the second case, it is a change in the inner ear that also affects the auditory nerve. In either case, hearing becomes impaired. Hypoacusis

Some hearing problems are caused by noise pollution, that is, excessive noise in the environment . Listening to loud music or wearing headphones for a long time are also habits that are harmful to hearing health.

Hearing is measured in decibels, usually on a scale of 0 to 20 decibels. Generally speaking, hearing problems can be mild, moderate, severe or profound.

General considerations about hearing problems

When children have language acquisition problems, it is convenient to perform a hearing test to rule out possible hypoacusis.

Adult people who suffer from hearing loss often have difficulty detecting certain sounds. On the other hand, we must not forget that hearing deteriorates over time.

Hypoacusis can also affect balance, since the ear is the organ responsible for regulating sound and balance together. Hypoacusis

Hearing deficiency

Hearing impairment is a form of sensory impairment . People with this disability can have problems at school, as children with hearing loss find it difficult to keep up with the same academic pace as other peers.

In adult life, hearing problems can affect work, social life and communication in general. Fortunately, in most cases, hearing loss can be corrected with surgery or with some kind of help that improves the quality and intensity of the sound. Hypoacusis

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