What is Hypersexuality definition/concept

When individuals’ sexual inclinations are out of control, hypersexuality occurs. From a psychiatric point of view, this is not a pathology, but a symptom.

trapped by desire

These are individuals who maintain or want to maintain an intense sex life and somehow become addicted. These people have no control over their sexual desires, to the point of dedicating a large part of their time in search of new experiences. hypersexuality

Hypersexuality is not just a vicious behavior, since in some cases it hides another type of psychological disorder or even some psychiatric illnesses, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders and other pathologies.

Scholars of this phenomenon claim that at times it is related to incorrect learning about sexuality. Most people with this type of problem begin to show it in their teens . In this sense, the easy access to pornography through the internet has increased the hypersexuality of young people.

The fashion of girls playing at being women

In recent years many children have adopted a new role related to sexuality. This social phenomenon is more notorious in girls and is evident in some habits: the use of makeup, high heels and other clothes typical of adult women. This type of behavior is a clear example of hypersexuality in society as a whole . hypersexuality

Effects on family, professional and social life

This phenomenon is more common in men than in women, since male testosterone plays a relevant role in sexual appetite (it is known that many married men have a habit of masturbating and this is due to the fact that intercourse sexual experiences cause an increase in testosterone levels).

On the personal side, it causes dissatisfaction and frustration (in many cases there is also a feeling of guilt). On the other hand, the sex addict may have problems in their marital relationship. hypersexuality

Like any other obsessive or addictive behavior , this one also has possible economic effects (for example, with expenses related to prostitution).

Job stability can also be negatively affected, in fact, some people are fired for using pornography during their workday.

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