What is Hyperloop definition/concept/elaboration

The means of transport had and continue to play a prominent role in the progress of humanity. When a significant technological advance associated with transport emerges, new directions and horizons are opened. It is worth remembering that the invention of the wheel and the first steam engines were genuine revolutions. Hyperloop

In recent years, a technological proposal has emerged that could revolutionize land transport: tubes that move capsules at high speed. One of the companies that launched this project is Hyperloop One.

What does it consist of and who is the person behind it?

Through pressurized metal tubes, people and goods can move inside capsules supported by air through a low-pressure tube. This system is designed to reach a very high speed: 1200 km/h. For its operation, renewable energy sources are used. Hyperloop

The driver of this new technology is Elon Musk. This South African of American and Canadian nationality was born in 1971 and is considered a true visionary . He is the founder of Paypal and promoted the use of solar energy in US homes. Electronic sports cars, the illustrious Teslas, are also related to Elon Musk.

Its projects and companies deal with very different areas: internet , space travel, renewable energies or nanotechnology.

The system developed by Hyperloop One is a project that is still in the development stage and it is very difficult to predict when it will become reality .

Despite the doubts that may arise, experts believe that in the coming years this means of transport will change people’s lives. Hyperloop

Some examples can illustrate the expected changes. The journey between Paris and Madrid could be done in 40 minutes and in similar time the entire UK could be covered from end to end.

A citizen of Lisbon could go to work in Barcelona in an hour. Logically, the time spent in transport will also affect the goods.

On the other hand, we can imagine that leisure possibilities will be very different from current ones. Hyperloop One’s leaders say this project will have profound economic and social implications.

The ticket price is expected to be affordable for most budgets. From an environmental point of view, the project is fully sustainable. Hyperloop

High-speed transport powered by Elon Musk is not without criticism

Some experts say that there are technical limitations and economic of all types (for example, puts in doubt the propulsion of the capsules in a tube with an almost absolute emptiness and states that the predicted speed is very dangerous if there is some kind of breakdown or accident). Hyperloop

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