What is Hygrometer definition/concept

We need to correctly measure all types of variables, such as temperature , weight, distance, pressure and humidity. For each of them there is a device that establishes the concrete parameters. In the case of humidity, the instrument used is the hygrometer. This word comes from the Greek and literally means “moisture measurement”.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor found in the air

When a liquid changes into a gaseous state , this process is known as evaporation. This happens at any temperature as long as there is free space above a liquid. Hygrometer

The amount of evaporation increases the higher the temperature of the liquid. However, when a liquid boils, the bubbles that rise are turned into water vapor (in this case, evaporation occurs by boiling ).

Water vapor that exceeds the liquid state is mixed with air in the atmosphere and moisture occurs.

The amount of moisture varies and the intervening factors are diverse: the frequency of rain, the vegetation in the area, the wind speed and the proximity of the water. The most used measurement is relative humidity.

Calculating Moisture Levels in the Air

The data on moisture appear as a percentage. Typically, these devices are digital, measure the ambient temperature and indicate the exact time and day of measurement. As a general rule, it has a humidity range that varies between 20 and 99%. Due to the lack of adjustment of these utensils, it is relatively easy to calibrate them periodically, otherwise the reading would be wrong. These devices incorporate a sensor that allows you to capture the moisture existing in a space. Hygrometer

The importance of humidity levels in the home

The percentage of humidity in a home should be between 40 and 60%, as lower or higher values ​​are neither pleasant nor healthy. Thus, below this indicator there is an increase in static electricity and an increase in the amount of dust in the air, causing irritation and discomfort.

Above 60% there is an increase in microbes and mold appears, on the other hand, it causes a greater sensation of cold.

To dehumidify the air and increase the heat in the house, it is recommended to open the windows daily for 10 minutes. Hygrometer

Another alternative is to use a ventilation device.

Anyway, the use of a hygrometer in the home is useful, as with this simple device it is possible to have accurate information about the humidity level. Hygrometer

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