What is Hybrid Vehicle definition/concept

When talking about a hybrid vehicle, it refers to the use of two different power sources for the purpose of producing energy and movement. As a general criterion, a vehicle is hybrid when it has two engines, one electric and one gasoline.

The driving of these vehicles is adapted to the specific driving circumstances.

When it is necessary to go up a slope, the two engines drive together to optimize performance , when there is a deceleration, the battery system is recharged and when there is a stop, the two engines obey the same.  Automotive experts say that after hybrid cars, the next vehicles are expected to be exclusively electric. In this regard, some brands have already started to design hydrogen fuel cells to make the electric car fully viable. Hybrid Vehicle

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage is fuel economy . On the other hand, driving is identical to any other vehicle. A factor highly valued by some drivers is the absence of engine noise and the feeling of tranquility. From the standpoint of environmental contamination, hybrids emit very low amounts of CO2 compared to motor vehicles. As a general criterion, maintenance and repair costs are reduced. Hybrid Vehicle

Despite the obvious advantages, there are also some disadvantages. As it is a relatively recent technology, the initial cost of these vehicles is higher than traditional ones. On the other hand, in some countries, the electricity supply network has not yet been fully developed and this negatively affects the vehicle’s autonomy.

It is noteworthy that currently the batteries of hybrids are not fully reusable, because when the vehicle’s useful life ends there is a problem, as happens with the batteries of other devices.

the cars of the future

Since the appearance of the first automobiles in the late nineteenth century until the present, the automobile industry has continued to evolve. In recent years, the first prototypes of driverless vehicles have appeared.

Experts believe this new advance will revolutionize the way we travel and travel. Hybrid Vehicle

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