What is Humanized Childbirth definition/concept

It is a way of attending to labor, valuing the rights of parents and the child who is about to be born. Humanized Childbirth

Childbirth is the way in which pregnancy ends, it is a process that expels the fetus out of the uterus. During childbirth, a procedure with three fundamental steps is necessary: ​​first, the opening of the orifice of the uterus (a process known as dilation); secondly, the exit of the fetus and, finally, the expulsion of the membranes that line the fetus and the placenta.

Childbirth is a normal event that begins with hormonal changes and which are signs of the body itself to indicate that the pregnancy has ended and that the new being is ready to be born. This is a natural process that women have experienced since the beginning of time.

The birth procedure is influenced by culture. Some indigenous ethnic groups have their rituals and even well-defined postures that are adopted by the parturient. Humanized Childbirth

From natural birth to institutional birth

Advances in medicine have reached all aspects of the individual and childbirth has not escaped this. Medicine grouped the knowledge obtained around childbirth, giving rise to obstetrics, a branch of medicine dedicated to the study of pregnancy , the treatment of its illnesses and the care of childbirth.

Obstetrics has contributed to improving the quality of maternal and fetal life, helping women with infertility problems to conceive their children and accompanying high- risk pregnancies until they reach a happy ending. Obstetrics also allowed us to resolve situations that in the past led to the death of the mother and fetus.

These advances have been of great help , which is undeniable, however, it is possible that we have reached an excess of medical intervention in a natural process, needlessly increasing the number of surgical procedures, such as cesarean, which was once again introduced as a concept of childbirth humanized. Humanized Childbirth

a friendly way

Healthy and full pregnant women are expected to experience their birth in a natural way, far from the coldness and isolation of an operating room.

An environment surrounding friendly suitable where the mother feel safe and accompanied with a comfortable position, it is what is expected of a normal delivery. The woman must have the freedom to feel comfortable. Often the squatting or kneeling position is the most practical, as it allows the mother to breathe better and take advantage of gravity to help dilate the cervix and thus expel the baby. Humanized Childbirth

During humanized childbirth, people who help should be available and intervene only if necessary to facilitate the process. Pain should not be alleviated with pain relievers as it allows the process flow to produce endorphins, which are natural pain relievers to relieve pain without harming mother and child. Finally, another important aspect is the immediate contact between the mother and her child, allowing this fantastic bond to be created from the beginning.

The fundamental aspects are: respecting the natural process of childbirth and the woman’s willingness to do it in the way she feels most comfortable; respect each woman’s time and understand that childbirth is a normal and natural process. Humanized Childbirth

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