What is Human Development definition/concept

The level of well-being of a country’s citizens can be measured and assessed through a generic concept, the human development index, also known as the HDI. This index measures a specific aspect of the common well-being (for example, GDP measures economic growth) as well as a set of parameters considered significant about the situation of a country. Human Development

It can be said that the HDI is a statistical measurement instrument that makes the general radiography of a nation and the planet as a whole.

What does the human development index measure?

There are two types of aspects that are subject to statistical measurement , one of a general nature and one with more specific rates. Generally stand out the birth rate, poverty , GDP and literacy . Among the more specific rates we can mention the school enrollment rates of the population or years of schooling. These and other data are statistically recognized by different countries and from mathematical formulas definitive results are established that finally register the HDI.

If we take the group of countries on the planet as a reference, studies indicate that countries like Switzerland, Norway and Australia lead the HDI. In an intermediate position are Colombia, Costa Rica and Uruguay. Already nations like Nigeria, Haiti and Eritrea are in last in this world statistic. Human Development

Knowledge of the human development index

The United Nations is the institution responsible for providing annual information on the HDI, both for specific nations and for the entire planet. In other words, this general indicator provides a view of humanity as a whole.

It should be noted that the results obtained are objective and allow drawing conclusions about the general trends and progress of each country.

Not all analysts agree with the criteria used to analyze human development based on some indexes

Some of the most significant criticisms are as follows: Human Development

  • – the HDI does not reflect the differences existing in a given population, it only extracts an average numerical value. On the other hand, the different mean values ​​do not allow us to know how they are distributed in a given population.
  • – The HDI formulas and criteria are not fixed and change periodically, which highlights that the mathematical concept of human development is sufficient to reflect human reality .
  • – Criteria related to the environment and safety are not incorporated .

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