What is Horror Tale definition/concept

A real horror experience is something undesirable for any human being. However, reading a horror tale can be exhilarating.

Ingredients of a horror tale

The first element is, of course, to provoke a feeling of fear in the reader. For this, the writer must create a unique atmosphere, for example by describing a sinister place. Characters are often disturbing and shrouded in mystery. In some stories appear beings with a supernatural dimension, such as vampires, ghosts or beings from another world. Obviously, the suspense, tension and verisimilitude of the plot are equally essential ingredients.

Why are horror tales attractive?

If fear is an experience no one wants, we can ask why these tales are interesting. There is no single answer, but it is likely because we all need to face our own fears and horror literature serves as a therapeutic method . According to other interpretations, these tales are stimulating because they allow us to step away from the monotonous life.

To experience fear by reading on the couch, we escape an unexciting reality . Some argue that horror in fiction isn’t real, but the reader’s experience is simply a form of excitement.

Finally, some psychologists and psychoanalysts claim that we need to approach fear, as we all have a darkness and horror tales bring us closer to this inner world that is hidden in the unconscious of the human mind.

The horror tales for children

At first it seems contradictory that a child has an interest in horror tales. However, it is very common for little ones to be fascinated by the stories of monsters, ogres and evil individuals. In this sense, teachers and educators recommend reading these stories, so that children learn to distinguish good from evil. For them, the hero is the good and the witch or ghost is the representation of evil.

On the other hand, telling a child a horror tale can be an experience that helps them overcome their own fears and apprehensions.

The horror tale genre also has a formative ingredient, as it is a way to discover unusual worlds and arouse children’s natural curiosity.

Despite the advantages of this literary genre for children, it is desirable that the reading be supervised by an adult.

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