What is Homonym definition/concept/elaboration

The term homonym literally means the same name, since the prefix homo means equal and onoma means name. In this way, the homonym adjective is used for a name that shares two elements or two people. When this happens, the phenomenon of homonymy happens .

When two people have the same name, it is customary to say that they are charas, therefore, homonym and chara are synonymous terms. When two entities share the same name, they are homonymous, in the same way as the geographic name in some countries, for example, in Mexico the name of its capital is Mexico City .

Homonymy has two types:

1) Two homographic words, that is, those that are pronounced and written the same, as with the word chair, which can be a piece of furniture and also a part of the body. Homonym

2) Two homophone words, that is, those that have the same sound but are written differently, for example “we” as a pronoun and “nut” as a fruit.

Difference between homonymy and polysemy and between homonymy and paronymy

The homonymous words are often confused with the polysemic words

To clarify this difference, it should be noted that polysemy happens when a word has several meanings, while homonymy happens when two words have the same form despite their different etymological origin.

Two words are paronyms when they have a certain similarity in their writing, eg absorb / absolve; knight/gentleman. On the other hand, two words are homonymous when they are written the same or are also pronounced the same or similar. Homonym

Confusions and legal problems caused by homonymy

When two words are homonymous, confusion can often occur when interpreting the information , for example, Alicante is a Spanish city and also a snake.

Not infrequently the media communication speak of cases of homonyms, ie, are those circumstances that there is some legal trouble when two people are confused because they both have the same full name. When this kind of confusion happens between a criminal and an ordinary citizen , the consequences can be drastic. There are cases where an innocent person ends up being arrested due to homonymy. Homonym

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