What is Homo Habilis definition/concept

About three million years ago there was a great glaciation that caused a climate change in the entire planet. It was a period of drastic changes in temperature and little rain in tropical regions. In this context, the species of australopithecus evolved and from then on there was a transformation known by the name of homo habilis. Therefore, homo habilis is a hominid considered to be the first human being properly speaking. It received this name because it was the first hominid to manifest its ability to manipulate utensils.

Homo habilis is a little taller than its predecessors, but its main difference is in its brain, as the homo habilis brain is fifty percent larger than the australopitheus.

This feature allows you to face more complex challenges and more elaborate strategies.

Homo habilis knows how to organize with other individuals of its kind to hunt animals more effectively. Your greater intelligence allows you to question what is around you.

Through greater intellectual capacity, he learns to cut stones to transform them into hunting weapons. These utensils can also be used to cut the skin of hunted animals. The invention of the stone tool is revolutionary because it allows you to take advantage of the carrion of other animals and this circumstance brings food nutrients that improve the quality of life in general. The incorporation of stone tools was the first step towards other more sophisticated inventions.

Having a tool in his hands, homo habilis can already try it out. Through trial and error proves its usefulness. When the tool no longer serves, it can be modified in some way until it can be really useful.

The technology started with homo habilis

The new way of using intelligence established a qualifying shift in human evolution . It can be said that homo habilis gained confidence and with its new tools began to transform the world. Gradually, its technological advances were improved and are transmitted from generation to generation.

Homo habilis not only invents tools, but also explores new territories and manipulates ideas to find solutions to every kind of problem or threat . To make their existence more bearable they live in clans and the bonds between the members of the group create a primitive and very simple language . The sounds articulated in your communication become a powerful new tool. Homo habilis’ intellectual advance led him to invent something revolutionary that changed human history: fire.

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