What is Histogram definition/concept/elaboration

A histogram is a statistical tool , more specific to descriptive statistics. It is a graph model that measures the distribution of frequencies or intervals in relation to certain groups . It is, therefore, a statistical method that measures a concrete reality . For example, to indicate the number of people aged between 18 and 65 in a country, the division of a population according to different blood groups or the distribution of wages within a group.

The different values ​​manipulated in a histogram are registered in coordinates in diagram form, so it is possible to measure the intervals of each object of study .

Therefore, the histogram is a statistical tool that serves to explain data in a summarized way through a graph. This chart is especially useful when it comes to measuring quantitative variables

The Key Concepts of a Histogram

Like all graphs, the purpose of a histogram is to quantify a reality. For this we must use two concepts: frequency and variable. The first refers to the number of times something happens and the second is the numerical value on a measurement scale. histogram

Other graphical representations in descriptive statistics

Analysis of statistical data can be performed with histograms and other types of graphs.

In the bar diagram, numerical data is transmitted in a frequency table. In other words, in these diagrams the absolute frequencies (the number of times the data are repeated) are related with a variable (which can be quantitative or qualitative). An example of a bar diagram would be a graph that quantifies the hair color of a group of students. histogram

The pie diagram is represented by qualitative variable data, that is, those that cannot be quantified or measured

Typically, these diagrams are represented in a circle divided into sectors that reflect the proportion of a subject. For example, in a survey that asks a number of students about their preferences, the results obtained are reported in percentages within a circle. histogram

In conclusion, both the histogram and the different graphic tools are statistical views that allow you to enumerate data, analyze and compare information, definitely, to know reality in a mathematical and objective way.

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