What is Histamine definition/concept/elaboration

It is a substance that our own body produces naturally. However, when its quantity is excessive, allergy symptoms appear: sneezing, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, coughing, excessive mucus production and malaise. Histamine

Histamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that works to regulate our immune capacity. Its origin comes from an amino acid, more specifically histidine (through an enzyme it transforms into histidine).

Intolerance to this substance

Although this molecule acts in our brain in a natural way, certain foods and some antibiotics increase its levels, causing allergic reactions. Thus, the consumption of some fish, cow’s milk, eggs, sausages and some fermented foods can be a triggering factor for the production of histamine. Likewise, some mites as well as pollens act as a cause of histamine production in some people. Histamine

The intolerance to histamine is due to a deficit of an enzyme in our body: the diamnina oxidase. Therefore, the allergic reaction is not due to the food consumed, but to the low levels of diamnine oxidase.

Pharmacology and natural antihistamines

To combat allergic symptoms, one of the relief options is antihistamines. These medications are usually taken orally in pill form. The effect produced lasts about 24 hours, as it is normally taken only once a day. In some cases, these drugs are combined with a nasal spray or eye drops to relieve eye symptoms.

Although these drugs are useful to combat allergic symptoms, it should be noted that they are not recommended for people suffering from glaucoma, hypertension or heart problems. On the other hand, they are also not advisable during pregnancy or during the nursing period. Histamine

It should be noted that antihistamines do not cure the allergy, but they alleviate its symptoms

In any case, these medications must be consumed under the supervision of a doctor and after proper diagnosis.

Some natural remedies can be useful to combat the effects of histamine, among which we can highlight: garlic and onion ingested on an empty stomach, aloe in the form of juice, orange, mandarin or echinacea tea. All of them strengthen our body’s immune system . Histamine

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