What is Hipster definition/concept/elaboration

The word hipster is a term originating from the 1940s of the last century, but it only gained greater notoriety from the 1990s onwards, as soon as it began to be used to describe young people and teenagers belonging to the middle and upper classes, coming from the city and that manifest interests different from the predominant ones in relation to fashion and culture, as in the case of alternative music or independent cinema , in simpler words, are young people who prefer the alternative or anti-fashion.

It is a word belonging to the English language of your referrals rightly refers to a person sophisticated or fashion. In this sense, the word has spread in our language and the people who use it refer to people who are modern, fashionable or who are avant-garde in some respect.

During the last century and with greater force in this century, groups of people who share a way of looking at life, aesthetics and tastes have proliferated and who came together only because of these shared issues. Hipsters are a combination of various trends and other tribes, such as hippies, grunge, indies, among others. Hipster

They are most often associated with alternative culture, with everything that has a label of different, distinct, non-massive, in short, this is what attracts this type of young person.

As for the age group, they do not exceed 35 years, their appearance is thin, they are attractive, white and live in cities.

Aesthetics is fundamental and varies between genders. Men, for example, tend to wear tight pants, backpacks or crossed bags, wear a beard and have longer hair than usual. Hipster

In the case of women, they like to look very natural, they wear little makeup or almost nothing, and in their look the androgynous prevails, that is, what does not allow them to be labeled.

They love vintage, both in terms of clothing and furniture.

Those who share both sexes wear accessories like glasses, tattoos and piercings.

Their clothes are bought at sale or used clothing fairs, a situation that makes them mix styles and times if we take into account that in this type of business it is possible to find clothes from different years.

They tend to have cats as pets and ride around town on bicycles obviously to take care of the planet – one of their fundamental slogans in their lives – most of the time they want to have and have everything they don’t like. Hipster

They also stand out for eating organic food, which includes agricultural or agro-industrial products produced under a procedure called organic, since obtaining them excludes all types of chemical additives or substances of synthetic origin, which also serves to protect the environment . Logically because the hipster is a vigorous defender of the green planet.

Other tastes generally include: drinking local beer, listening to public radio, and any other unusual or massive drinking option.

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