What is Hilarious definition/concept/elaboration

This word comes from Latin, more specifically from the verb hilarare, which means to cause laughter or rejoice. In this sense, it is said that a situation is hilarious when it provokes laughter. The adjective hilarious corresponds to the noun hilarity.

The surprise factor is the key to understanding the hilarious reactions

Jokes, parodies, accidental falls, unpredictable reactions and absurd situations trigger a hilarious effect. It manifests itself in a concrete reaction, laughter. As a general criterion, we laugh because something strikes us as surprising and funny.  Hilarious

It should be noted that only man and some primates have hilarious reactions. These reactions are not always associated with fun and joy , as we sometimes laugh when we feel nervous. Hilarity is also related to tickling or euphoric moments after having achieved a personal achievement.

Laughter is especially contagious and has an imitation effect on others. Although this reaction is universal, not all peoples laugh at the same things.

The world of laughter is more serious than it might first appear. In fact, there is a specific discipline that studies this phenomenon, gelotology. Some researchers in this area of knowledge highlight the numerous effects of laughter on the body and mind: it relaxes the facial muscles, helps us to understand other points of view, generates empathy, combats tiredness and is a factor that favors socialization. It is not strange that some people undergo laughter therapy treatments. Hilarious

Nitrous oxide is hilarious and for this reason it’s known as the laughing gas

In recent years this gas has been used as a stimulant, as it produces euphoric effects similar to those provided by some drugs (its effects are comparable to those produced by inhaling the glue). It is consumed through balloons where nitrous oxide is introduced.

The gas is absorbed and for a few minutes you experience a feeling of euphoria that normally triggers an uncontrolled laugh. This substance has harmful effects on health, as it affects the brain and lungs and can lead to addiction .

Regardless of its use as a drug, this gas is used to promote the combustion of car engines. Likewise, nitrous oxide is a substance used in the anesthesia of surgical interventions (like any other anesthetic gas it must be applied with adequate ventilation measures). Hilarious

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