What is Hierophant definition/concept

This word comes from the Greek hierophantes and means priest. In ancient pagan traditions there was a high priest who directed the rituals and guided the population in their earthly and spiritual life. In the Greek world, the hierophant was the priest who organized the Eleusinian Mysteries.

The meaning in the context of the tarot

As for its symbology , it is arcane number 5 (this number represents the path of wisdom). In this way, the hierophant or high priest card is associated with the zodiac signs Aries or Taurus. From an astrological point of view it is related to the planet Jupiter.

In a general sense, it symbolizes the idea of ​​religiosity through the image of the pope. This means that religion presents itself as a union link between God and men.

The tarot deck is a means of divination integrated into a discipline , fortune telling . These letters appeared in the 14th century, in Europe, and since then, they have been used to decipher all kinds of enigmas about the human condition.

The discipline of tarot does not have a certain origin, but in ancient Egypt similar divination techniques already existed.

There are two types of cards: minor and major arcana. The first are a set of cards associated with concrete life events. The second are triumph cards and among them we can highlight the following: the Emperor, the Chariot, the Hermit, the Priestess, the Wheel of Fortune and the Hierophant.

Each has an image with a series of symbols. When the tarot card plays the cards, he starts to interpret their meaning.

This letter is associated with a set of teachings:

1) the need to respect the beliefs of others,

2) human actions are the only criterion for judging others,

3) belief systems should serve as a guide for spiritual growth.

Those who interpret the tarot cards claim that this arcanum can refer to the religion established in society as a whole or else to the spiritual principles that every individual has within.

Elements that appear on the letter

The hierophant appears seated on a throne and on either side there are two gray columns, which represent the pillars of the deepest human beliefs. The human figure presents himself with his right hand raised, which expresses the connection between God and man.

At the bottom of the image there are two monks, one wearing a robe printed with white flowers and the other a robe with red roses (the white flowers symbolize spirituality and the red roses represent material desires). This means that both the material and spiritual dimensions must be valued equally.

The hierophant wears a sky blue scarf around his neck, a color that serves to activate the laryngeal chakra (this part of the body is an energy center that governs communication ).

The high priest’s crown has three levels. The lower level denotes connection with the material, the middle level communicates the ability to understand emotions, and the upper level refers to the ability to connect with the ultimate source of wisdom or a god.

On the upper level of the crown are three nails, of which they represent the solidity of religious beliefs. On the other hand, the hierophant wears a red cape that symbolizes purity and wisdom.

Based on these symbolic elements, the tarologer interprets the appearance of this arcane according to the context of the query.

When the hierophant appears in a normal position, it may indicate that the person is seeking some kind of spiritual help.

If the card is presented in an inverted position, it means that there is a false guru or spiritual guide who can negatively influence it.

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