What is Hexagon definition/concept/elaboration

The Greek prefix hexa equals six and the suffix gono meaning angle. This geometric figure is a polygon that is formed by six sides and six angles. This means it can be divided into six triangles. Hexagon

Main features

The six sides that form it can be decomposed into six equilateral triangles. It is a regular-type figure, as all its sides are congruent and their angles equal (the sides of each triangle form an angle of 120 degrees). As for the calculation of the area, it can be done by adding the areas of each of the triangles that form it. Hexagon

Another of its features is the possibility of tracing a perfect circumference inside or outside.

This flat figure serves as the basis for the formation of three-dimensional structures, such as the hexagonal prism.

In nature and decoration

In the combs of bees, in the eyes of insects, in the bodies of some animals or in the structure of certain plants this geometric figure is presented. In the case of insects, their eyes are formed by a large number of hexagon-shaped cells that allow the insect to have a better visual perception .

Bee combs have hexagonal cells and thanks to this it is possible to store a greater amount of honey, since the hexagon is larger than the square and rectangle. This structure of nature has served as an inspiration for other elements of everyday life: shelves, boxes, traffic signals , clocks, nuts, mirrors, board games, etc.

On the other hand, tiles, tiles and other structures used in home decoration and urban planning also have this shape. In this sense, the floor of Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona and other urbanizations is also hexagonal in shape.

The Mystery of Saturn’s Hexagon

In the universe there are geometric patterns. One of them is cloudy type and is located north of the planet Saturn. It is a unique phenomenon in the entire universe and was discovered after the capture of Voyager 2 images in 1981.

Scientists have not found a definitive explanation for this and, for this reason, some claim that it could be a phenomenon related to higher order intelligence .

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