What is Heuristics definition/concept/elaboration

The word heuristic refers to the art of discovery. It sets out various tools or procedures to make a discovery possible. The term was first used by Albert Einstein in a publication called “Heuristics of the generation and conversion of light”. It is basically a discipline focused on finding solutions to various problems.

This term became popular with the publication of a book called “How to solve it” by Hungarian author and mathematician George Pólya. It is focused on a methodology to solve certain problems and present demonstrations. The steps mentioned are: understanding the problem in question, creating a solution plan, executing the plan and finally reviewing and interpreting the result using the scientific method . For failure , Pólya proposes methodologies to find problems more easily. Heuristics

The book was accepted by the public and refers to various areas and circumstances. This fact makes clear the importance of knowing how to question a problem and find a solution. Pólya’s proposal consists of formulating and answering several questions. So, for example, when referring to the importance of understanding a problem, the questions asked are: what is the unknown to be solved?, what are the data?, what are the conditions?; in relation to the plan formulation, the questions are: has seen a similar problem ?, has seen a similar problem ?; in relation to the execution of the plan, the question is: can you prove if the steps followed are the correct ones?; and finally, in relation to the review, it is worth asking: can you prove the result? Heuristics

Currently, there is a new trend that is based on the designers’ own procedures. This approach is mainly aimed at the area of business innovation , but it is, without a doubt , a way to solve different problems. What is certain is that, in this perception, the problem is secondary to the solution. A solution to the problem must be sought through the use of creativity with the elements that you have and based on that, creating new solutions. Thus, what is sought is a balance between what is desired and what is technically possible. Heuristics

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