What is Heroin definition/concept/elaboration

Heroin is a semi-synthetic opioid drug derived from morphine which, in turn, is extracted from opium, a plant whose scientific name is Papaver somniferum. This drug has other names in popular language , such as powder, horse, white lady, queen, among others.

Origin of this drug

At the end of the 19th century German laboratories Bayer managed to synthesize heroin

This name comes from the German word heroes, which means heroic or powerful. Initially, this product started to be consumed as a relaxant to treat some ailments. Until then it was believed that this substance had no contraindications for health.

Effects on the body after heroin consumption

The first reaction that occurs is nausea and vomiting. After this initial stage, the individual experiences a feeling of general pleasure and relief . Finally, it is common to experience a state of euphoria. Those who consume tend to have the sensation of dry mouth, contraction of the pupils, loss of appetite, as well as a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.

People addicted to heroin need continuous doses to avoid the withdrawal syndrome caused by a lack of this substance in the body. This drug is usually tolerated fairly quickly, so it is common to increase the amount of heroin to achieve the same effects that were previously achieved with lower doses (withdrawal syndrome usually appears within eight hours of the last dose).

When heroin is taken for a long time, there are very negative effects on health.

The harmful effects of heroin are numerous and affect both the body and the mind. Among the most significant we can highlight the following: a state of anxiety and depression , mental disorders and behavioral problems, weight loss, dental problems, heart failure, liver problems, etc. It should be noted that some heroin addicts end up with wounds, abscesses and infections (eg pneumonia or hepatitis).

Heroin is often used in an adulterated manner, as the health risks are even greater and can even lead to death.

In addition to health problems, heroin use is directly related to social problems, such as isolation, disruption of personal relationships or family breakdown.

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