What is Heimlich Maneuver definition/concept

Knowing what to do and when can help prevent certain catastrophic events, including saving a life. This is what happens with the Heimlich maneuver, an act that can help a person not die of suffocation. Heimlich Maneuver

It’s a quick action that can help prevent a person from choking

It consists of standing behind the person who is asphyxiating, putting their arms around their upper abdomen, and applying firm, quick pressure inward and upward with the fist of your hand against their stomach.

This action sharply increases intra-abdominal pressure, elevating the diaphragm, releasing a volume of air from the lungs, in turn expelling any object in the airway. Heimlich Maneuver

It is possible that the maneuver must be performed several times before the object can be ejected.

When should it be done?

This maneuver should be applied in case a person suffocates with an object in their airway, the most common being a piece of food.

The way to recognize a person who needs help is that when someone is drowning, they instinctively put both hands to their throat and express an alarm signal on their face.

Upon identifying these signs, the maneuver should be applied as quickly as possible.

If the person is able to cough or speak, this procedure should not be performed. In these cases a strong cough may suffice, it should not even be performed on people who are unconscious. Heimlich Maneuver

Who can it be applied to?

It can be applied to both adults and children. In the latter, the force to be applied should be moderate and the person coming to the rescue needs to bend or kneel to get a suitable height.

In the case of lactating children (under 2 years), the maneuver can cause more serious injuries. For this reason, experts often recommend that the ideal is to place the child on his legs, lying on his abdomen, with the head lower than the legs and apply gentle slaps on his back. Heimlich Maneuver

A person who knows this technique can apply it himself if necessary. For this you must press your hands on your abdomen and above your navel; another way to do this is to apply compression over the edge of a chair or even a table.

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