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Ancient Greek legends are very present in today’s language and culture in general. The term harpy is a good example of this, as in the past, harpies were strange beings with wings related to the figure of a woman , whereas in current language the harpy refers to a perverse woman who acts with some malicious intent. In fact, the harpy eagle is one of the largest birds in the world: the harpy eagle.

Harpies in Greek Mythological Accounts

The harpies were Neptune’s daughters and were sent by Neptune to punish Phineus, king of Bitinia, who had had his eyes removed from his own children because he believed he would be betrayed by them, just as he had done with his second wife, a wicked woman called Idea. So, to punish Phineus’ unfair behavior , the harpies presented themselves with a horrible appearance, as they had the face of an older woman and the body of a vulture. Harpy

The appearance of harpies in Phineus’ life was unbearable, as they were dedicated to corrupting all the food that was around them. Phineus’s brothers-in-law took pity on him and managed to get the harpies back to their natural habitat, the Strophades Islands.

There are several interpretations regarding the origin of the harpies

Some believe that these mythological beings actually refer to a flock of lobsters that ravaged the farmland of some Greek islands. Other interpretations suggest that the harpies were imaginary beings created by the corsairs’ fantasy, giving them perverse powers.

Anyway, the harpies remind us of another mysterious being, the mermaids. While harpies have a sinister aspect that provokes fear and destruction , mermaids are characterized by their beauty and their seductive way of singing. Despite their different appearance, harpies and mermaids symbolize the dangers associated with women.

Other mythological beings present in today’s culture

The reference to harpies reminds us that in everyday language there are many references to Greek mythology. In fact, when we’re inspired we talk about muses, our weak point is the Achilles’ heel and Cupid remains attached to love affairs. Harpy

an insult to women

In the macho cultural tradition there are many terms that disqualify women. If a man says that a woman is a harpy it means she is evil and acts cunning. Harpy equates to classifications as witch or beast. Harpy

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