What is Hare Krishna Movement definition/concept

The Krishna Consciousness group , also known by the acronyms in English ISKCON, is popularly called Hare Krishna. It is a religious proposal inspired by Hinduism and was founded around 1920 by the Hindu Abbay Charan De. Hare Krishna Movement

main beliefs

Its faithful believe in a single deity called Krishna and consider everything that exists to proceed from it. The aspiration of men must consist in imbuing themselves with Krsna consciousness and not allowing themselves to be contaminated by worldly reality .

Its followers are progressively introduced to this religious group and for this they carry out three processes:

1) they renounce the original name to acquire a new name and thus break all personal or family ties of their past life;

2) enhance their spirituality by following a leader or a guru;

3) their convictions and ideas take a back seat and are intensely devoted to the consecration of Krsna.

They follow a sacred text of Hinduism, the Baghavad Gita

In it are the basic principles of his doctrine : that there is a God who controls everything, that the essence of the human being is his spiritual soul, that the human soul and Krishna are connected through an energetic force and, finally, that personal actions they generate energy or karma. Hare Krishna Movement

In addition to their beliefs, their followers practice yoga and are vegetarians, have strict norms about sexuality, and avoid any kind of mental reasoning that might upset their spirit.

Like other religious currents, this movement is considered by some experts to be a destructive sect.

Scholars of the phenomenon of destructive sects consider that the Hare Krishna form a pernicious and harmful group for several reasons:

1) its members live isolated from the world and without any contact with family and friends;

2) mental speculation is prohibited and its members must obey exclusively the guru who guides them and the teachings of Krishna;

3) some former members claim to have undergone all sorts of manipulations to modify their behavior , which is commonly known as “brainwashing”. Hare Krishna Movement

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