What is Happy Hour definition/concept

The happy hour concept is a common Anglicism in daily Brazilian usage. Its literal translation would be happy hour, but in reality it refers to the commercial strategy of some bars or similar establishments, which consists of offering free drink to customers after a previous consumption paid at normal price. In other words, the customer has a drink and pays, later he is entitled to another free one as long as it is within the hours established by the happy hour. In this way, there is a sign or a blackboard in a bar indicating the service : “Happy hour after 7 pm”.

This marketing strategy has an obvious purpose : to dynamize and promote the consumption of a bar at a certain time. This commercial custom is typical of the Anglo-Saxon world, even so it has spread throughout the world, especially in some tourist places.

The discussed historical origin

There are several versions of the exact origin of the expression “happy hour”. According to some historians Shakespeare used this expression in one of his theatrical works. There are those who consider that its popular use is part of the context of North American sailors, who enjoyed leisure time during the day and that is why they started to call this moment “happy hour”. Others consider the true origin to be related to the Prohibition period in the United States, when some underground bars introduced the custom of offering a free second drink. Happy Hour

We speak English without noticing

The example of the sign with the words “Happy hour after 7 pm” expresses the daily use of English in our language and reveals a reality. In recent years, English has infiltrated all areas of communication , for example, in the economy it is called cash; in computer language we use the term chat and many others; we say we have a hobby and say goodbye to someone with bye instead of goodbye.

For some, the use of Anglicisms is not problematic, it is a circumstance inherent to globalization. However, there are linguists who warn of a danger: that English gradually spreads into Portuguese, creating a new language. This fact has already happened in the United States with “spanglish” (fusion of American English with Spanish) and today it is an expanding phenomenon. In Spain and throughout Hispanoamerica, English is used naturally and even in an abusive and unjustified manner (in place of ok you can say, fashion in place of fashion, show instead of show and calzoncillo in place of slip). Happy Hour

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