What is Halacha definition/concept/elaboration

Most religions are based on a sacred text and from it are extracted a series of teachings that serve as ethical and spiritual reference for their followers. In Judaism, the holy book is the Torah and the set of norms and laws that serve as a guide are known by the word halacha.

This word comes from Hebrew, more specifically from the term Heh-Lamed-Kaf, which can usually be translated as journey or path.

In other words, the halacha indicates what the right path must be to follow in order to live according to the precepts of the Torah, in both written and oral terms. This set of laws applies to all Jewish communities including the Sephardim, Ashkenazi and Yemenis. In practice, halacha constitutes the ethical model that serves as a reference for any practitioner of the Jewish religion. Halacha

The Halacha Ethical Standards System

Halacha has an ethical foundation: that our intentions become true moral acts. This means that the halacha system serves as a guide to distinguish good from evil. In this sense, some standards to follow are as follows: Halacha

  • – Children must be circumcised on the eighth day and the ceremony of this act is known as Brit Milá or covenant of circumcision;
  • – In all situations the believer must try to find a balanced position;
  • – The good Jew needs to know and respect the Torah;
  • – Respect for God is expressed through the symbolic act of covering the head, whether with a hat, a kippah or a kufi.
  • – Jewish faith is experienced within a community;
  • – The attitude towards God must be of maximum respect;
  • – In human relationships, any abusive or disrespectful behavior should be avoided ;
  • – Parties, food laws and the Sabbath are fundamental aspects that must be respected.

The commandments listed above are an example of the spiritual and moral obligations that serve as a reference in Judaism, and each of the commandments and norms is known by the word mitzvah. Halacha

Jewish ethics

The Jewish religion has a demanding approach in relation to the conduct ethics. In this sense, the man who performs the halacha is considered a virtuous person . In the approach to Jewish ethics, human beings are born with freedom and can choose between the right and wrong path.

Sinful behavior is particularly serious if someone commits a sin intentionally, of course, the sin is less serious when it is committed through negligence or ignorance. The principles of Jewish ethics demand a close connection between man and God. Halacha

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