What is Hague Handout/meaning/concept

Official documents used in a nation sometimes need to be recognized by other countries through an official document : a handout. There is an international agreement signed by a large number of countries that has been in force since 1961. Hague Handout

This covenant is known as the Hague Apostille. Its basic proposal is the following: that any official document be accompanied by a legal document that proves its authenticity. This accreditation is a specific document and properly a handout.

It can be requested by any holder of a public document on which it is necessary to credit its authenticity.

An agreement that facilitates the accreditation of documents abroad

The handout is an additional document that goes with the original document. The handout is signed by a public official representing the issuing country. This document can be presented in any country that has signed the Hague Agreement. Hague Handout

With this type of certification, all types of administrative procedures can be facilitated : application for dual nationality , study certificates, settlement procedures, tax documents, among others. Thus, if a country is registered in this agreement, citizens of the country in question can carry out their transactions in another country more easily and without so many bureaucratic procedures.

The validity of the apostille document always depends on the stamp presented, that is, more specifically the stamp on the Hague apostille. If such accreditation does not exist, it is likely that the document from one country will not be accepted by the other. When a country is not registered in this international agreement, this document must be legalized by the consulate or embassy of the corresponding country by issuing the document.

A practical case

A Peruvian graduate must accredit his degree in Spain. This title incorporates all the requirements established by Peruvian law, as well as another attached document: the Hague booklet. Hague Handout

Issues to be taken into account

– Normally, to request an apostille of a document, you must go to the Ministry of Justice of each nation or to a notary public;

– The handout is applied to a number of official documents, but not all (for example, they are not used for activities related to commercial activities or customs procedures);

– In many countries there is an electronic booklet and through it it is possible to legalize a document without the need for the person to appear at an administrative body. Hague Handout

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