What is Hacker definition/concept/elaboration

There are those who know, but also those who know a lot about a subject. In technology, whoever knows a lot can be called the teacher of teachers, the famous hacker.

Hackers are technological specialists whose knowledge in security matters , operating systems and/or programming, surpasses not only the knowledge of the means of any end user, but also of many professionals in these sectors.

In many cases, the figure of the hacker is recognized as that of an expert in computer security . Even though this is not necessarily so, in general, it is very common for hackers to address their main interest in issues of security, checking systems and their breach, as well as building programs that can improve this aspect.

Furthermore, (especially in past times) various sectors have tried to equate the figure of the hacker with that of a cybercriminal, a wrong thought both in its semantic and social aspects .

To begin with, a hacker is a person whose knowledge (as mentioned above) is above average, regardless of what will be done later.

A thief can also be considered a security expert, in the same way as a policeman or security guard, but unlike the last two who chose the “good way”, the thief chose the “bad way” within his knowledge.

What differentiates a hacker from a cybercriminal is the ethics adopted and the accumulated knowledge.

In fact, in recent times, there has been some (still timid) controversy over the meaning of a hacker, from pejorative to notable.

An example of this is that many newscasts already refer to those who carry out criminal actions using technology as cybercriminals instead of hackers.

Another distinguishing feature of a hacker’s character is his curiosity, which drives him to self-formation.

And this is fundamental, since the true hacker goes beyond traditional teachings, is the one who opens the way and innovates, who discovers things that others have never found, in short, this requires constant recycling and self-training.

Hackers are responsible for many of the advances in technology that can be enjoyed today

This is the case of the same Internet , of various operating systems (such as GNU / Linux), security programs and solutions, and various software.

Although the origin of the term hacker is difficult to discern, the majority opinion is that it comes from those who repaired phones in the 60s and 70s.

These applied small hacks to the terminal, were known as hacks by the Americans and, therefore, the nickname of hackers.

And as no one without technical knowledge could understand exactly what they were doing, the word hacker began to gain momentum definitively to define those who had technical knowledge superior to others.

Far from the activities of cybercriminals, true hackers follow an ethic that seeks the democratization of information .

Reach out to citizens and make them make proper use of this information. That’s why many hackers have been associated with social and political movements in recent years.

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