What is Gymnastics definition/concept

Gymnastics is a sport characterized by the performance of a sequence of movements and where flexibility , agility and strength are also put into practice .

In relation to the origins of this sport and contrary to what many believe, were not the Greeks the first practitioners of this sport, since many years ago the Chinese and the Indians were the first to know and use the mecanoterapia.

The Chinese civilization known as Brahma was the first to impose muscle exercises accompanied by deep breaths of air to strengthen the muscles of the body, with the purpose of eliminating cramps, rheumatism and deviations in the spine. The Indians also knew how to use a similar mechanism called shamposing. Gymnastics

In addition to these first attempts, without a doubt, the Greeks were the great champions in gymnastics, but for different purposes

For example, the Dorians practiced gymnastics for warrior purposes and the Athenians to have harmony and balance the body and spirit. However, in the Middle Ages this modality started to lose more followers than to win, but in modernity it has regained its prestige.

Nowadays, Athenians have returned to the custom of cultivating the body and so gymnastics has become commonplace for everyone’s daily life, transcending professional athletes and the limits of the school where many started to practice this sport. Sports centers and gyms are like a recurrent and common postcard in most countries.

Modern gymnastics regulated by the International Gymnastics Federation comprises six disciplines: general, artistic, aerobics, acrobatics, rhythmic and trampoline

Gymnastics is one of the Olympic sports, with rhythmic and artistic being the best known for its recurrent competition in the Olympic Games . However, the trampoline modality is the newest and most recent to join the Olympic Games, since Sidney 2000.

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