What is Group of 77 definition/concept

In the general framework of geopolitics, it is very common for nations to create strategic alliances with some purpose. The European Union , NATO and the OAS are some examples that illustrate the creation of supranational cooperation pacts. Group of 77

In 1964, a large number of underdeveloped and developing countries formalized an alliance, creating an entity known as Group 77 or G-77, as it originally consisted of 77 nations (the number currently exceeds 134).

The objective of the agreement was and is to establish a joint voice in the field of international relations, especially in the deliberations taking place at UN headquarters. Some of the countries that are part of this pact are: Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Morocco, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Joint declarations and the various cooperation programs are the two essential strategies of the G-77

The Security Council of the United Nations is composed of 15 nations, of which there are five that have the right of veto (United Kingdom, United States, France, Russia and China). This circumstance has consequences for other nations, as their position is considerably weakened if they speak out individually. For this reason, the G-77 alliance emerged. Throughout its history, important agreements have been reached in all kinds of matters and sectors, such as trade exchange , the search for new energy sources , finance and industry. Group of 77

Evo Morales’ speech at the UN in front of the G-77 representatives

In 2014, the Bolivian leader was named president of this great alliance. In his speech at the United Nations headquarters, he emphasized two issues: the need to fight poverty and the promotion of peace and cooperation at the international level.

On the other hand, it proposed moving forward with nationalization policies for strategic sectors and natural resources . Finally, he opposed the US policy of sanctions against the Venezuelan government and said that solidarity between peoples is the best tool to overcome any kind of difficulty. In his intervention, he was especially critical of the international financial system . Group of 77

Furthermore, he did not forget the principles of indigenism, stressing that Mother Earth cannot be attacked with purely predatory criteria and affirmed that the progress of humanity makes sense when it benefits everyone and not just a few.

In summary , Evo Morales’ reflection had the objective of promoting a new world order, where no country or empire would become dominant. Group of 77

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