What is Grooming definition/concept/elaboration

In English, the expression “child groming” or simply the word grooming is used to refer to the seduction used by some adults to sexually take advantage of minors. Although the translation of the term could be “seduction of a pedophile”, it is generally used in English.

New technologies are exploited by pedophiles

There are adults who are sexually attracted to children. To get closer to minors, they create fake profiles on the network and establish contact with their victims through various types of seduction and lying. When they win the trust of the child try to maintain a relationship sexual and it usually resort to some kind of threat or coercion.

The sexual abuser has a great advantage: he hides in the anonymity of the internet and takes advantage of the innocence of his possible victims. Grooming

This phenomenon can present other variants, as cybernetic pedophiles sometimes satisfy their sexual desires through photos of their victims. Sometimes these photographs are sold on the black market and acquired by pedophile networks.

Regardless of the type of sexual cyberbullying, it is a strategy that infringes on minors. Logically, this type of behavior constitutes a crime. It is a criminal action, as it is based on three acts punishable by law: deceit, blackmail and abuse of minors.

Guidelines for Detecting This Threat

Fake profiles are detectable and some signals should be interpreted as suspicious. Typically, the stalker does not provide photos of his real identity and so his victims do not know who he is. Grooming

The criminal’s profile doesn’t usually have many friends and the number of interactions is usually very low. Obviously, the cyber pedophile does not demonstrate reality .

These types of signs should be enough for the minors not to trust their new “friends”.

Minors should be educated about prevention

Experts recommend that under no circumstances should a minor attend a meeting with someone he or she has met online. On the other hand, it is convenient that both parents and educators warn young people about the risks associated with the network. Grooming

If a minor is blackmailed or harassed, he or she must report this situation to their parents. In other words, it’s better to have a bad time telling your parents the truth than to become the victim of a sexual abuser. Grooming

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