What is Greek Alphabet/meaning/concept

The alphabet or alphabet is a set of symbols used in a system of communication . Greek has a total of 24 signs or spellings and from a historical point of view it is considered the first complete alphabet, as each vowel and each consonant correspond to a different symbol.

It comes from the letters used by the Phoenicians, but with three more letters. The Etruscans adapted this alphabet to their language and, on the other hand, the Latins adapted the Etruscan system to their own language. For this reason, there are so many coincidences between the Greek and Latin alphabets. Greek Alphabet

Α α, Β β, Γ γ, Δ δ, Ε ε, Ζ ζ …

The first letter is the alpha equivalent to A. The second is the beta that corresponds to B. The third is the gamma equivalent to C. The fourth is the delta, that is, the letter D. And thus complete a total of 24 letters . The Greek language in its modern version is the result of an evolutionary process of classical Greek. Greek Alphabet

From the 9th century a. C, the Greeks adapted and modified their writing to the new alphabet that the Phoenicians had originally created. This phenomenon should not be interpreted from an exclusively linguistic point of view, but from a commercial one. Thus, the intense commercial activity of the Phoenicians forced the Greeks to know their communication system in order to intensify commercial relations in the Mediterranean.

Unlike Semitic languages, Greek scriptures were written and read from left to right.

Like the Romans, the Greeks produced texts without interruptions, that is, without spaces between words. This form of writing without pause was difficult to read and for this reason the reading was done aloud, as this made it easier to understand. Greek Alphabet

The first support that could express the lyrics was ceramics. Later, papyrus was used, then parchment and finally paper.

The Greek alphabet was decisive for the history of mankind

The written word was a cultural event of the first order, since in this way it was already possible to develop an advanced communication system. With the first written texts it was possible to write a book. Early civilizations used books for three main purposes: keeping an accounting record of economic activities, developing a legal system, and, of course, telling stories and accounts. Greek Alphabet

Books were and are an indispensable tool for literacy . For centuries, texts and documents were written by hand, but from the 15th century onwards, the press came into action and, then, a new phase in the literacy process began. Greek Alphabet

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