What is Graphic Design definition/concept

Graphic design, also called graphic design, is a discipline designed to communicate through visual elements different concepts and ideas. Its development is basically contemporary, although its roots and traces in the distant past can be traced. It is based on several digital tools that have made many procedures easier, as well as improving over time and offering a wide variety that significantly increases productivity.

It is difficult to establish at what time graphic design established itself as a specific activity. Since the dawn of humanity, man has tried to manifest messages through pictorial elements, but it is perhaps with the arrival of the press that this work seems to have its first sketch. However, it was only from the second half of the 20th century onwards that this discipline could be spoken of as a perfectly defined professional practice capable of being transmitted in methodical teaching. Graphic design

As described, digital tools are the priorities in this type of activity. They make it possible to work with photos and graphics, retouching them in a variety of ways. Furthermore, there is the possibility of integrating the drawings with HTML code so that they can be observed on the web through a browser . As the graphic designer’s task has been industrialized, it is common for many projects to be shared, a situation that necessarily entails the shared use of files. For this circumstance, tools were developed to allow the organization of tasks in groups , as it allows a certain number of people to download and upload (upload) files to the same site.

The work area for a person who has a degree in graphic design, that is, a graphic designer as he is best known, can cover many aspects, such as editorial design, teaching material, logos, banners, etc. In all these variants always trying to convey a message through resources visuals. Thus, graphic design requires the definition of a problem to be solved, the establishment of objectives, the elaboration of a communication strategy , the production of a program and, finally, a final evaluation.

By appealing more and more to audiovisual environments, the role of a graphic designer offers the possibility of elaborating messages to various segments of the population, messages that are of great importance in relation to advertising campaigns. That’s why this discipline has grown significantly in recent years and will continue vigorously in the future.

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