What is Goldfinch definition/concept/elaboration

The scientific name of this species is Carduelis carduelis and this name is due to the fact that its main food is the thistle (carduelis in Latin). It is a passerine bird, which in colloquial terms is known as a bird. On the other hand, it belongs to the family of finches, that is, they are birds with a conical beak and that fly making ripples in the air. Goldfinch

Its geographic distribution also includes the European continent , Africa and Asia. The adult goldfinch measures between 11 and 13 cm and weighs about 15 grams. It has a brown back, the head is tricolor and its tail is white and black. The difference in appearance between male and female is very small (for example, the reddish color of the head is less intense than in females).


  • – It is used to hybridize it with other finches, especially canaries.
  • – In the past, this bird was used in the underground galleries of mining activities, because with the song of the bird they could better withstand the harsh working conditions .
  • – Lovers of birdsong value the goldfinch, as it is one of the most gifted birds for music.
  • – They feed on insects and especially seeds, which can be easily obtained by the shape of their beak.
  • – During mating, the male shows aggressive behavior and fights between males often occur.
  • – Females are real experts in building nests. Usually each nest is formed by a compact mass that includes several elements, such as mosses, dry grass and small roots. Feathers are placed inside to better accommodate your offspring.
  • – During the incubation period, the females do not separate from the nest and are fed by the male.

Goldfinch and other finches are captured to organize singing bird contests

Lovers of singing birds often organize competitions and activities that showcase each bird’s musical abilities. This type of competition is known as sylvestism. It is an ancient tradition and there are references in Egyptian and Greek mythology.

The sylvanists capture the singing birds, so they put up a net with wild plants to attract the goldfinches (in this way they are captured alive and do not receive any damage). However, ornithologists and animal advocates are opposed to sylvanism, as this hunting modality endangers the preservation of the species .

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