What is Gesticulation definition/concept

Gesture is an activity that consists of communicating an underlying idea through gestures. Gesturing is made up of different forms of body movements that include the face, head, limbs, etc. Generally gestures are tied to a process of communication oral. Thus, people tend to accompany the content of their verbal expressions with gestures that give them more strength to the ideas. Sometimes the gesticulation process is deliberately incorporated into some activities, such as acting. Gesticulation

Gesturing is a natural process that can hardly be imposed . This means that people involuntarily express different emotional states and this process is difficult to happen artificially. Thus, for example, emotions of pleasure or sadness are expressed in facial muscles whose movement is beyond our will. For example, when trying to hide a smile, we only use some muscles and not all. In the case of actors, they often use body language for a specific role, but they hardly use it efficiently. Thus, for example, a state of radical fear presents a set of physiological reactions that are expressed in a person’s muscles.. Gesticulation

This shows a circumstance studied in some communication courses, but which seems to be unknown by a large part of the public: most of our communication is corporeal and non-verbal. This type of situation explains why gestures are so important and this communication is difficult to manipulate, as it shows a person who lies or an actor who plays a role: no matter how well they represent and demonstrate ability, we know that a true reaction presents another type of manifestation. Gesticulation

Therefore, gestures are an effective way to understand in good part the aspects that people express about themselves. Given the difficulty of being manipulated, it expresses a lot of ourselves, although we don’t notice it at first. It is important to understand if these phenomena present any type of activity related to interpersonal communication. It can also be useful in job interviews , where you are looking to get to know the potential candidate in-depth and not just through a résumé. Gesticulation

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