What is Gestalt Therapy definition/concept

There are different schools of Psychology. Gestalt therapy is marked by humanism. In fact, it is the result of a philosophy of life. It is a therapy that studies how the quality of life of human beings improves by living the here and now. That is, when a person discovers that their emotional center is in the house of the present, many of the concerns experienced up to that time soon disappear.

Furthermore, this words, it does not offer a reductionist view of the person. Human happiness increases when your body self-esteem is high, when you improve your intellectual concerns, enjoy social relationships and exercise your spirituality. Gestalt Therapy

Live the present

Gestalt pays special attention to the theory of perception . Since the perception of a situation significantly influences a person. Human beings do not interpret the reality of an experience individually, but within a context.

This theory owes much of its positive influence to the work of Fritz Perls, a thinker who lived between 1893 and 1970. The novelty of this therapy is that it has a therapeutic purpose of helping people who have some difficulty to be happy. But this approach is recommended for anyone, regardless of their circumstances, simply because it offers techniques and resources for becoming aware of one’s potential. Gestalt Therapy

Personal development

It is a school based on the positive influence of other currents such as existentialist thinking , psychoanalysis, psychodrama and philosophy of phenomenology. Because it is a current that integrates phenomenology, that is, what phenomenon is happening. Because it gives special value to information obtained through the senses. The senses, on the other hand, what is perceived through sight, smell, taste or touch, is something that allows you to connect with the now. Gestalt Therapy

It is a therapy that allows patients to explore how this affects their current situation, before delving into the past to learn the causes of the specific event. Life is always now and resolved on the spot. It is a therapy to awaken awareness, to perceive something to change within you.

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