What is Geosphere definition/concept

The geosphere is part of geology and is a branch that studies the different structures that make up the Earth.

The most superficial part of the Earth is the Earth’s crust, which is divided into continental (the most common mineral is granite) and oceanic (the most common mineral is basalt).

Below the crust we can find a mantle that occupies ¾ of the Earth’s volume, the increase in temperature is remarkable, with oxygen, iron and silicon being the most characteristic elements.

In the deepest part of the Earth is the core, where temperatures are at approximately 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit and the most commonly found minerals are iron and nickel. Geosphere

The Earth has two forms of energy : the internal one that produces continental movements and earthquakes, and the external one, which is related to the Sun’s heat and gravity.

The knowledge of the Earth’s interior

Scientists know the characteristics of our planet’s internal structures in a variety of ways. A part through some natural phenomena (volcanic eruptions and earthquakes) or some artificial procedures such as oil drilling. A part of the information obtained is indirect: magnetism or information from seismographs.

possible risks

Often they appear news about disasters that have relation with ground structures, ie with the geosphere. Not all risks are the same, but we can cite three different types: those caused by human action (radioactive accidents, soil contamination or oil spills from oil spills at sea); natural hazards (drought, floods and earthquakes). Less frequently, risks of external origin can occur ( impact of meteorites or variation in solar activity). Geosphere

The most feared risk is the earthquake, this happens due to the release of a large amount of energy (seismic waves). These waves have important information about the Earth’s internal structure, more specifically the hypocenter

Currently, the scientific community that studies the geosphere is trying to understand seismic movements in order to arrive at a historical record. This record has useful information so that earthquakes can be predicted and the consequences reduced.

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