What is Georeferencing definition/concept

A georeferencing system is one that aims to represent any type of information that may be associated with geographic space. This discipline is primarily focused on flagging data on a map.

In other words, it is a technique whose purpose is to assign certain geographic coordinates to points in geographic space. It is a multidisciplinary area, as it includes knowledge of cartography, topography and geographic information systems.

In marketing strategy

Many companies use georeferencing to develop a promotion strategy. Points marked on a map can be related to all kinds of information: customer addresses, competitors’ locations or the time that customers travel to the points of sale. Once you have assigned coordinates on a map, you can view more extensive information. With all this information, market studies are facilitated. Georeferencing

The combination with the advertising field creates a new idea, geomarketing. This discipline is very useful for knowing where potential customers are. To achieve this goal, thousands of data must be analyzed mathematically.

in the internet world

Georeferencing is based on a general principle: locating a geographic space through a device. The first model that appeared was Google Hearth in 2005 (with this technology it is possible to locate photos in specific places). Then came Google Maps with a series of advantages, as this application could be linked to a website, Facebook or other social networks.

When the Earth map was captured by Google Maps, new options were incorporated. One is a Foursquare social network . This app is very popular among young people as it allows you to share a person’s location with all your friends and acquaintances.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a way to record any type of information in a geographic space. A GIS has numerous applications. With this technology, it is possible to know the best location to establish a business , to build a road, to find out where the largest area of ​​solar radiation is, or to find the school closest to home. Georeferencing

GIS allow you to store, manage and manipulate information. For this, a series of data with spatial reference is collected through a software. The historical origin of GIS goes back to the 19th century, when Dr. John Snow made a map indicating the cases of cholera in the city of London (thanks to this procedure it was possible to identify the original focus of a cholera epidemic).

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