What is Geographical Coordinate definition/concept

Geographical coordinates are imaginary lines that are arranged on the terrestrial surface, drawn parallel to each other and that serve as a reference to locate a certain point on the terrestrial globe. There are two types of imaginary lines: parallels that measure latitude; and the meridians that serve to measure longitude. Geographical Coordinate

The latitude of a point determines the angle formed between the equator and that point

The latitude, therefore, can be north or south and is according to the point of the hemisphere, as well as measuring from zero (0) to 90 degrees. Furthermore, in some cases, we can find references to points located in the southern hemisphere with negative latitude.

As mentioned above, latitude can be measured through parallels, which are imaginary lines that cut perpendicularly the axis that rotates on the Earth. The parallel zero is the Equator, which is the same distance from both poles, forming a right angle to the Earth’s axis and serving as a reference to divide the Earth into its two hemispheres. Geographical Coordinate

The longitude of a point determines the angle by the meridian plane that passes through this point, as well as determining the other plane through its origin references

In the case of a person who is located at the very center of the planet, on the reference meridian and with a view towards the North Pole, the points to his left would have a positive longitude; while those located to its right would be negative. In this way, the longitude can be east or west respectively and move between 0 and 180 degrees.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the meridians are imaginary lines that are arranged in parallel on the axis that rotates on the planet. Geographical Coordinate

To serve as a reference the meridian is accepted as the Greenwich meridian. This is due to the fact that England, which was the greatest world power at the time, imposed the name of one of its English cities to serve as a reference and to determine the passage of this meridian. Anyway, the Greenwich meridian serves to know if a longitude is east or west depending on the side that the point is located in relation to this meridian. Geographical Coordinate

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