What is General Chemistry definition/concept

The chemical is a discipline scientific studies the structure , composition and properties of the set area. Matter is understood as everything that exists, from what is alive to what is not alive. Therefore, it can be said that chemistry is focused on the study of the components that make up matter. General Chemistry

In other words, chemistry is related to the nature of matter, its atomic composition, its structure and the different states of matter.

Properties of chemical components

The properties of the most varied chemical compounds are classified into two: intensive and extensive. The former are not dependent on the amount of matter, that is, the volume of the substance does not matter because its properties do not depend on this factor. The most relevant intensive properties include density, temperature and boiling point . General Chemistry

Extensive properties depend on quantity, as does volume or weight (for example, a mass of 100 grams of steel does not occupy the same volume as a mass of a kilogram).

structure of matter

All matter is structured in atoms. The atom is made up of two parts: inside it there is a nucleus that represents the total mass of the atom and an outer zone or electronic cloud that represents almost the entire volume of the atom.

Both the nucleus and the electronic cloud have tiny subatomic type particles. In the nucleus there are about 200 subatomic particles, being the protons and neutrons the most relevant. In the electronic cloud are electrons, which are negatively charged particles that revolve around the nucleus. General Chemistry

Composition of matter

When matter is analyzed according to the different chemical substances that constitute it, it is possible to find a wide variety of materials that are divided into pure substances or mixtures.

Pure substances can be classified as follows: those that are made up of a single element (for example, oxygen) or those that are made up of two or more chemical elements (for example, water made up of hydrogen and oxygen). General Chemistry

On the other hand, mixtures of two or more different components are classified into two large groups according to their appearance: these mixtures whose components can be observed evenly distributed throughout the volume, or those mixtures with the naked eye can distinguish their different ones. substances in a material mass. General Chemistry

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